Platform Core Plugin Released

by Marc Palmer in

I'm pleased to announce the release of the first 1.0.M1 milestone of Platform Core plugin for Grails. Platform Core is part of what was previously referred to as Grails Plugin Platform. We decided to split out the UI parts into a different plugin, and we will call it Grails Platform in future as most of the functionality is also for use by Applications.

The core part provides "glue" APIs that make plugin development easier and makes it easier for Applications to integrate plugins - across Grails 1.3 and 2+ releases.

This release is intended to provide early access to a reasonably stable subset of the APIs.

This code is already in production in some applications.

What is in the 1.0.M1 release?

This release includes code for a range of APIs, but only a subset of them are currently considered stable. We have not documented the unstable APIs for this reason, and they are not for public use at this time.

The APIs that are intended for use now are:

  • Configuration API for plugins to alter application config, to declare and validate their own config options
  • Security API which provides a standard set of tags and utility methods that are independent of the underlying security provider
  • UI Extensions in the form of some useful UI-related methods and tags for rendering display messages, smart links, buttons and company branding info.

See the documentation.

The APIs that are not intended for use and are considered incomplete currently include; Navigation, Conventions, Injection and Events.

However, much work has been done on these and they are internally already in use to implement the Configuration and Security APIs.

Platform Roadmap

The Platform also encompasses Platform UI APIs for standardizing UI widgets and Theming. Here is the current release roadmap:

platform-ui 1.0.RC1 - circa 10 April This will make the Theme and UI Set APIs available, with a default Grails theme

platform-core 1.0.M2 - circa 10 April Stable Events and Navigation API

platform-core 1.0.M3 - circa 24 April Stable Injection API

platform-core 1.0.M4 - circa 10 May Stable Conventions API

platform-core 1.0.RC1 - circa 30 May platform-ui 1.0.RC1 Bug fixes and prep for final release of both

We cannot commit to these dates - they are just estimates - but most of the work is done so with luck we can hit or beat them.

This plugin is the result of a collaboration between myself and Stéphane Maldini.