Platform Core 1.0.M3 Released

by Marc Palmer in

We just released the Platform Core plugin version 1.0.M3.

This release was to be called M2, but due to a slip of the fingers there was a previous non-final M2 release so we had to roll it over to M3.

In this release we finally have the public release of the fantastic Events API from Stéphane Maldini, as well as a public release of the Navigation API as well as a slew of of great improvements and new features relating to UI and i18n.

Best of all, we have a lot more docs.

Some highlights: async and sync event bus and DSL, new automatically namespaced plugin session, request and flash attributes, and smart i18n message resolution.

All of these improvements are available right now in the Grails plugin repository and the docs are available now at

We're really excited about this release as all the key APIs are there to facilitate a whole load of other releases in the pipeline; events-si (Spring Integration), events-push (websockets and SSE), platform-ui, fresh-security and updates to email-confirmation, invitation-only and others!