Platform-Core 1.0.M6 released

by Marc Palmer in

Hot on the heels of the Grails platform-core 1.0.M3 release, we have had no less than 3 emergency releases. Due to painting ourselves into a corner with the milestone versioning, these sadly have resulted in M4, M5 and M6 releases. We'll be trying to avoid this kind of thing in the future. So the new platform-core 1.0.M6 release incorporates the following improvements since 1.0.M3:

  • Added the missing bootstrap JS file needed for the /platform/ UI to work
  • Event DSL artefacts in plugins automatically set the event namespace to pluginNameInBeanCase if no namespace is provided.
  • Events sent to undeclared namespace/topic pairs will result in an exception (so no more "why the hell isn't my listener being triggered" when you use wrong namespace)
  • Improvements to p:text tag - support for overriding the i18n prefix using scope/plugin attributes just like p:textScope, but one-off.
  • Improvements to p:label, p:button and p:smartLink tags to accept textScope and textPlugin attributes to do the same as above, and for body to be used as default value if supplied
  • Bug fixes in p:button relating to submit buttons
  • Improved /platform/ dev view for showing plugin config - shows all plugin related config now.
  • Fixed namespace of i18n strings for security button tags
  • Improved output in /platform/showUiExtensions, added more examples of p:button, p:label, p:smartLink and p:text

This of course means that hopefully the next true milestone will be M7 and will include the promised Injection API and events/config improvements.

Install dependency: compile ":platform-core:1.0.M6"