Grails Resources Plugin 1.2.RC2 Released

by Marc Palmer in

I'm pleased to announce the release of Resources plugin 1.2.RC2. It is strongly recommended that you update your apps to this release.

This second release candidate for RC2 fixes a slew of important issues, in particular:

  • More fixes for correct module dependency ordering for cases where dependsOn is called with modules in different orderings throughout your definitions
  • Fix for the leak of ad hoc resource dependencies across requests (r:script fragments)
  • Improvement to CSS processing to support resource that have absolute URLs e.g. after processing with "baseurl" mapper

There are a bunch of other tweaks, decisions and merged pull requests

I would like to thank everybody who has raised issues, and especially those who provided example apps and/or pull requests. This is much appreciated.

Thanks everybody for your patience with these important fixes. I only wish I had more time to work on these plugins.