Updated Platform Related Plugins Released

by Marc Palmer in

I've released a slew of plugin updates in the last 24 hours to support fixes in the new Platform UI 1.0.RC2.

In summary:

  • Platform UI 1.0.RC2 - Improvements to theme/ui set previewers, debug view of discovered themes + ui sets + their GSP templates
  • Platform Core 1.0.RC2 - Fixes for Navigation API with > 1 navigation DSL in app, improved Navigation debug UI
  • Bootstrap UI 1.0.RC3 - Navigation rendering improvements, Carousel fixes
  • Bootstrap Theme 1.0.RC3 - Carousel related fixes
  • Resources 1.2.RC3 - Fix for NPE at startup when there are dependencies on undeclared modules

I've also updated the Platform UI Showcase app on github, so it now has the Grails Wrapper built in - just clone it and ./grailsw run-app to try it, follow the README on how to then add Bootstrap theme etc.

Platform UI docs are here The UI Showcase/test app source is here

We're in the last week for the Theme competition with real prizes. You have until December 10th to submit entries. Please do spend a lunch break or two working on a Theme to enter if you possibly can. I need the support of the community for this endeavour to take off. For example, a port of Rob Fletcher's existing HTML5 bootstrap scaffolding styling to a Theme and UI Set would be a great starting point.

I've had no indication of any entries so far, so it looks like I'll be sitting on the prizes :)