Platform UI Theme Challenge Extended with new GR8conf Ticket prize

by Marc Palmer in

I've decided to extend the Platform UI Theme challenge, because I want to make sure that we get at least as many entries as there are prizes, with an earliest closing date now of 25th December 2012.

This is announcement is particularly important because after being impressed by Platform UI during my [talk at GGX 2012, Søren of GR8conf has very generously added a free two-day GR8conf Europe 2013 ticket (excluding university day) to the list of prizes!

Please read the full original post for details of what is required for entries, and link to docs & tools required. However the prizes will now be as follows:

A total of five users will be be chosen.

  • The top prize is now the two-day GR8conf ticket.
  • The second prize is now the complete A Book Apart library.
  • All five winners will receive a Grailsrocks t-shirt, upgraded to a Grailsrocks Hoodie if their entries meet the criteria for this.

We look forward to seeing what you can come up with!